About IAS

Serving the claims industry since 1975

Since 1975, IAS has been dedicated to providing superior client service in all areas of material damage appraisals. As a result, we have earned a reputation for providing our clients with what they value the most, an exceptional appraisal product and quick response, delivered with the highest level of professional integrity.

The IAS Difference

There has been a void in the independent claims handling process for years. Companies have been thwarted for decades by the challenge of completing files and meeting an acceptable cycle time while still providing an excellent quality estimate and industry-leading customer service. IAS has taken an appraiser’s first approach to solve these issues. Our belief is that when you treat your employees and independent contractors with the respect and value they deserve, the related product will excel. Furthermore, we believe in the importance of the back-end audit process. Most competitors will simply computer scrub an estimate for potential mistakes, but this can miss up to 50% of potential issues. The IAS process allows for all files to be individually audited by an in-house staff auditor who is trained in the specific guidelines of each client. This approach has proven to be a successful new method of handling the claims process. IAS has also removed mileage charges in many states, going to a flat rate by county to avoid needless delays in mileage request situations.

IAS Corporate TEAM


President | CEO

Cortney Fleming

Vice President | CFO


Chief Operations Officer

IAS Across America


Nick Anderson


Brandon Earl


Johnny Guinn




Terry and Debbie Earl were the original Team responsible for innovatively growing the IAS brand for over 40 years. Terry is known for his ability to create and articulate a corporate vision and move teams to embrace it. Terry Earl has earned a reputation for his experience, leadership, business ethics, and integrity which is well known throughout the claims industry. Having begun his career in the original Portland IAS Office in 1977, Terry has continued to assist in the growth of the IAS brand as well as supervise the IAS Claims Group with his hands on involvement and entrepreneurial qualities. In addition to his professional life, Terry enjoys the Southwest Lifestyle which includes Golf, Walking, and Riding his Harley. The IAS Team is grateful for the opportunities we share, thanks to the foundation laid by the Earl family.

Our Story

Insurance Appraisal Services was founded in 1975  in Portland, Oregon. A second IAS office was formed by Terry Earl in Seattle in 1985 as an independent damage appraisal company.  Due to the success of these first two offices, other office expansions soon followed in Spokane and Yakima Washington, and Eugene and Medford Oregon.

In 1992 Terry Earl formed another IAS Company in Phoenix, Arizona while branching out into the Southwest Region of the United States. In 1995 another new IAS office was established in Tucson, Arizona. The Tucson IAS Office currently acts as the Corporate Office for the IAS Claims Group.

In 2010 a new office was formed in Las Vegas, Nevada.  California, Colorado and Utah joined the IAS Group in 2017. All of these offices are independently owned and most owners have at least 20 years of experience in owning and operating their IAS Offices.

In 2021, Chris Fleming purchased the exclusive License and Rights to IAS and has since expanded IAS coverage to an additional 43 states.  Between our Corporate office and our 7 independently owned offices, IAS offers coverage to all 48 continental states.  Through the seasoned experience of our owners and staff and a successful and proven material damage appraisal system, IAS continues to outperform the competition in providing a quality appraisal product for our clients.


IAS Portland was Established

Portland was the first IAS office, founded in 1975.  Portland IAS is pleased to announce that Brandon Earl has assumed ownership as of May 2015. Brandon was previously employed as a senior appraisal supervisor for the Tucson IAS Corporate office for over ten years.  In addition, Brandon was born and raised in Portland, Oregon which makes this more of a homecoming opportunity.


IAS Seattle was Established

Seattle was the second IAS office to open and was founded by Terry & Debbie Earl in 1985.  Seattle IAS continues to offer a wide variety of services to the entire Puget Sound area and is currently owned and operated by Brandon & Lisa Earl.


IAS Yakima was Established

Yakima is the third IAS office.  This office continues to offer exceptional service to the central part of Washington.  The Yakima office is owned and operated by Brian Jordan. Brian is currently transitioning the office to Johnny Guinn who will take over operations under Brian’s mentorship in 2023.


IAS Eugene was Established

The Eugene IAS office was established in 1991 as the fourth IAS office expansion. Eugene serves the central western corridor in the State of Oregon. AS Eugene is currently owned and operated by Ryan & Stephanie Cook


IAS Phoenix was Established

Phoenix was the fifth IAS office which was originally opened by Terry Earl. David & Malina Ogren assumed ownership of this office in 2005. The Phoenix office to date handles the largest amount of property claims within the IAS Group. This is a testament to the exceptional ownership skills that Malina and David continue to exhibit in owning their IAS Office.


IAS Spokane was Established

Spokane was the sixth IAS office which was originally opened by Terry Earl. Within the first year of operations Brian Jordan assumed ownership of this office. Brian Jordan is another successful IAS Owner that has provided over 20 years of exceptional service for Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. This office is combined with the Yakima office as our IAS Spokane location. Brian is currently transitioning the office to Johnny Guinn who will take over operations under Brian’s mentorship in 2023.


IAS Medford was Established

Medford was the seventh IAS office, which is currently owned by Brandon Earl. This is office is now currently run from our Portland location serving Western Washington, Northern & Southern Oregon. Brandon continues to provide exemplary service to the Northwest region.


IAS Tucson was Established

Tucson was the eighth office to join the IAS group, which is owned by Nick Anderson. The Tucson Office provides coverage to Southeast Arizona and now also provides full state coverage in New Mexico.


IAS Las Vegas was Established

Las Vegas was the ninth IAS office to open and is owned by Brendan Shields. Brendan has done a remarkable job of upholding the IAS Standards and providing quality service to all of Nevada, Northwestern Arizona and Southwestern Utah.


IAS Salt Lake was Established

The Utah IAS office was established in 2017 and, as of 2023, is now owned and operated by Brenden Shields. Brenden now services the entire states of Utah and Nevada through his office in Las Vegas.


IAS Denver was Established

Denver, Colorado was established in 2017 and is currently owned by Dale Brening and Terry Earl. This office offers full coverage to the entire state of Clororado. Contact the Denver IAS Office to inquire about the full array of professional appraisal products they offer.


IAS Los Angeles was Established

The California office was established by Chris Fleming to service the entire state of California. This office now serves as our National Corporate office and services all claims Nationwide that are not within the territories of our 7 individually owned offices.


IAS Idaho was established

The Idaho offices was opened by Chris Fleming to offer full state coverage to Idaho (excluding the Northern Panhandle which is serviced by IAS Spokane). It is now operated by our national team out of California.


IAS North America was established

IAS North America was established by Chris Fleming as our national headquarters, creating a Nationwide appraisal source for all of clients. This company is operated out of our Corporate office in California and our Satellite hub in Texas. Contact IAS North America for any type of appraisal need across the United States.