Claim Services

We offer a wide variety of services to our insurance and consumer clients.

Automotive Claims

Using CCCOne Estimating Software our field appraisers will complete a full scope of damages and finalize a complete estimate of damages for your vehicle.

Motorcycle/UTV Claims

Our field appraisers will compile a full list of damages and utilize the CCCOne Motorcycle Estimating Software to complete a full estimate of damages.

Heavy Equipment & RV Claims

Utilizing AdjustRite Estimating Software our appraisers will completely scope all damages to your Tractor, Trailer or custom Specialty Equipment to provide a full estimate of damages.

Watercraft Claims

 With our experienced team of Boat and Watercraft estimators we can fully scope and provide a complete estimate of damages for your vessel.

Property Claims

Using Exactimate Estimating Software and custom photo technology we can provide a complete scope of labor and materials to estimate the cost of repairs to your Home or Property.

Specialty Equipment Claims

IAS estimators have extensive knowledge of Custom and Specialty Equipment and work with the manufacturers to complete a full estimate of damages to the subject equipment.

DOI Inspections

Some states require specific Re-Inspections of vehicles during, and after, repairs to ensure quality and accuracy based on the paid estimate.  IAS offers an array of services to complete these inspections.

Vehicle Valuations

No matter the type of Vehicle or Equipment, our team can complete a full ACV evaluation for the unit to ensure an accurate value based on competitive comps near the location of the Vehicle.

Appraisal Clause Disputes

Every insurance policy allows for the vehicle owner to dispute repair costs or values of their vehicle.  IAS has a team dedicated to resolving these issues for both the public and insurance clients.

Diminished Value Disputes

In many cases a vehicle may lose value due to being involved in an accident.  IAS has a proprietary formula to complete a full report of potential lost value and can review with the insurance company on your behalf.

Umpire Services

IAS has a team of experienced Umpires who act as mediators in situations where both the vehicle owner and the insurance companies representatives cannot come to an agreement on repair costs or values.

Additional Services

IAS has the ability to customize our technology to service any type of need an insurance client may have. We are constantly diversifying our services to be at the forefront of innovation in the claims industry.